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Case Study: O2 Priority Moments

THE CHALLENGE: Being one of the most fiercely competitive markets in Ireland, we worked with O2 to create a loyalty scheme that differentiated them from the rest of the players in the telecommunications industry. We wanted to develop a loyalty program that truly engaged their customer base and gave them real, valuable rewards. This in turn would drive positive brand perception, brand loyalty and value for money.

Mobile telecom providers suffer from a high churn rate, limited differentiation and low customer engagement. The aim of the project was create the best loyalty program in Ireland exclusively for O2 customers that was different to anything being offered by competitors.


THE SOLUTION: O2 Priority Moments is a location-based mobile loyalty program that gives O2 customer exclusive, targeted experiences and rewards from the brands they know and love. We wanted to reward users just for being customers, not because of purchases or milestones. We provided targeted rewards delivered straight to the customer seamlessly across multiple channels – a mobile app, a responsive website, social media and SMS.


Priority Moments gave its users access to brilliant offers from local cinemas, restaurants, retailers and also access to some great competitions. The rewards were arranged depending on the GPS location of the user, meaning they could make use of hyper-local discounts and offers. Customers would select their chosen offer and be presented with a unique code that could be redeemed online or in-store with participating partners.


THE RESULT: Priority Moments was a huge success for O2 Ireland and also for the partners involved in the program. The project became Ireland’s largest and most frequently used loyalty program with over 200,000 active members and almost 3 million interactions.