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Communication Center


Geo Center


Our Geomarketing solutions allow you to transform venues, stores and even cities into interactive zones by introducing a network of digital touch-points.

Simply implement our powerful API’s into your mobile apps and use our Geo Center to manage iBeacon and Geofence technologies.

iBeacons: iBeacon technology enables the exchange of data to devices within a 70m range of the beacon, a small and light piece of hardware with long battery life. iBeacons can also work in the background to record consumer data & behaviour.

Geofences: Geofence technology allows you to create a virtual perimeter around a desired area usually over 100 square meters. Users who enter this area will receive content through push notifications. Geofencing can also be used to record consumer data.


Drive footfall by notifying app users of nearby stores and sales. Influence purchasing decisions by delivering offers at point of decision. Record individual consumer data for future targeting.

Venues & Events

Automatically check-in and greet attendees. Introduce navigation and networking capabilities to app users. Deliver geo-targeted content to attendees.

Geomarketing Solutions include:

Communications Center

  • Send SMS and Rich SMS

  • Deliver Push/Rich Push Notifications

  • Notifications

  • Dispatch Emails

  • Send social messages

Geo Center

  • Activate iBeacons

  • Create Geofences

  • Deliver geotargeted push notifications

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