Drive Customer Engagement

Use Cases

Retailers Mobile Events Agencies Developers


  • Create engaging omni-channel loyalty programs for your customers.

  • Increase control over your brand’s digital promotion.

  • Create digital advertising space for 3rd parties.

  • Inform customers of the latest offers and competitions across all channels.

  • Use Geomarketing solutions to drive footfall and influence purchases.

  • Manage social media activity from one single interface.

  • Target specific groups with relevant content e.g. “Women over 40”.

  • Record customer habits and optimize future campaigns.

Mobile Operators

  • Implement reward schemes & loyalty programs for customers

  • Reduce churn rates.

  • Launch seasonal customer campaigns.

  • Offer customers added value from popular brands.

  • Allow popular brands to advertise offers on the platform.

  • Open new revenue new streams from 3rd party advertising.

  • Gain consumer insights and gather data on customer preferences.

  • Deliver upsell opportunities.


  • Interact in real-time with attendees to create a unique event experience.

  • Send targeted push notifications to users depending on their location.

  • Give users within the venue access to exclusive content and offers.

  • Run exciting location-based competitions during the event.

  • Allow vendors and franchises to deliver offers to crowd.

  • Boost franchise and sponsorship revenue by creating digital ad space.

  • Encourage fans to share their experiences on social networks.

  • Enable real time seat upgrades and ticket giveaways.


  • Become a technology agency as well as a digital agency.

  • Optimize apps and websites with our omni-channel communications platform .

  • Monetize your clients’ digital assets by enabling 3rd party advertising.

  • Manage multiple campaigns from one interface.

  • Enhance experiential campaigns with Geomarketing solutions.

  • Target specific segments of your clients’ target audience.

  • Deliver content over multiple channels to increase engagement rates.

  • Bill clients on a Pay-Per-Performance basis.


  • Easily integrate our technology into your existing projects.

  • Add new features to existing apps.

  • Leverage the power and scalability of our HTTP APIs.

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